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Portland walks

Hi, This is photo reportage from my last trip to Portland. This city is our all time favourite place in US to visit because of it’s atmosphere, location, people, coffee, everything!!.


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Keep Portland Weird

These are few of the pictures that I took last time I was in Portland. I was trying to stick to the slogan “Keep Portland Weird”

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Some things never change.

This is me and my son – pictures approx 35 years apart 🙂


Lukasz- leon - fotograf-lukasz.szafraniec

Lock the love









Stały tu od wczoraj, dopiero jak zrobiłem im zdjęcie to nabrałem na nie ochoty :).
Sigma 85mm f1.4. Fajna, polecam.




Dobre, ale te z grandy były lepsze.


Slot canyons in north Arizona.

I just thought there was a significant drop in quality of shots in my previous post, hence this post – dag out of my old drafts.

Slot canyons are created by water going down trough the rock at very high speed. Slot canyons are usually very deep and narrow, The two canyons that we have visited are Rattle Sneak and Antelope Canyons, both located not far away from each other in north part of Arizona. The place is located on Indian reservation, and it is fully ran by local people. For better experience – we have booked a photo tour, where groups are very small with private coach. The big advantage of having coach is because the time you have to spend in the canyons is limited, and knowing where to go to get the best out of it is crucial. Especially if you are first time in this place. The coach showed us all of the sweat spots as well as helped in keeping place people-free. Each time we were ready for taking the shots, for example when we had our tripods set up, he would stop the crowds from walking in to our frames – great stuff and well worth paying extra.

We meet our coach on the desert car park beside the highway at around 10 AM. The car park was fenced in west style, small primitive shed gave a bit of break from the sun. There was few cars parked ready for a ride to the dust. After paying our fee, we were loaded in groups of four in to the cars. In our car – apart from Me and Dale – we had a French couple, very nice people. Few miles down the paved road we have entered a park lands. After few starts and stops, forward and backward moves, our driver managed to turn on the four wheel drive mechanism – I think that the car has seen it’s best times long time ago. From here on we were cruising on the sand.

After 10 minutes of bumpy drive, which somehow reminded a ride on the boat – we arrived at the first stop of this trip, it supposed to be an introduction to the great finale that was planned for later on. The small canyon, started inconspicuous, few small holes in the rock, ladder to claim up and then another ladder down to the very narrow pass. As soon as we spotted a shape, shade or interesting light – we started shooting. This part, I’m not going to talk about, as pictures are there to look at.

After spending an hour in the small canyon, we headed out for the big one. Right after entering trough the opening in the canyon wall, we have landed in place, that is probably the most photographed part in this place. This is the only one time I ave recognized the “shape of candle”. Later during our walk inside the canyon, our coach was pointing to different rocks and trying to make us see several shapes. None of which I could recognize.

Here is a small gallery of pictures from that trip. I hope you’ll enjoy.



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Around Portland

Hey, few shots from around Portland. Need to note that the pics were edited in the camera and no PS/LR were used (except for some spot removal here and there).

Portland is placed in very unique location. One day you can watch sunset on the beach, and another day skiing on the glacier. I have heard about that before but I had to try it myself. You could probably do both in the same day, but it would be a bit of a stretch.

Canon Beach.

Mt. St. Helens in the back barely visible.
Bridal Veil Falls. I have another picture of this water fall from slightly different perspective but it requires a bit more of the post processing. This was very rainy day and amount of water falling down created a quite a lot of mist. I had to get my camera ready with lens cap on, then quickly remove it take shot ans cover again – each time wiping off all of the water from the lens.

DSC_7058 _DSC6885

And few more 🙂



DSC_6921 _DSC6903

Fogy morning



I was heading out to work this Sunday morning, and it was cold, wet and dark. The only reason for taking the camera with me was a little bit of fog hanging out there. Nothing special though. I have decided to use back routes, and few minutes later a sun started to wake up as well. This is what I found behind the corner.

White Sands in New Mexico.

Preview of pictures, all edited on my small nexus 10. Used Nexus Media Importer to download pictures from my external HDD, Photo Mate – very good basic raw/nef developing software, it has some issues but for start it was a good tool. Finally In have added some finishing touches in PS Touch. I must say, that mouse connected to the tablet improves editing experience dramatically, I can’t wait until I connect my wacom when I get back home.


St. Patrick’s day in Kilcock

Few pictures from St. Patrick’s day in Kilcock. Zuzanna was marching together with kids from her school. Weather hmm… not so good, but it did not take the smiles away from kids faces.


_DSC8362-lukasz.szafraniec _DSC8363-lukasz.szafraniec _DSC8367-lukasz.szafraniec _DSC8371-lukasz.szafraniec

_DSC8383-lukasz.szafraniec _DSC8388-lukasz.szafraniec _DSC8392-lukasz.szafraniec _DSC8398-lukasz.szafraniec _DSC8402-lukasz.szafraniec _DSC8406-lukasz.szafraniec _DSC8409-lukasz.szafraniec
_DSC8418-lukasz.szafraniec _DSC8419-lukasz.szafraniec
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_DSC8441-lukasz.szafraniec _DSC8445-lukasz.szafraniec _DSC8450-lukasz.szafraniec _DSC8451-lukasz.szafraniec _DSC8466-lukasz.szafraniec _DSC8477-lukasz.szafraniec _DSC8479-lukasz.szafraniec _DSC8480-lukasz.szafraniec
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