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Around Portland

Hey, few shots from around Portland. Need to note that the pics were edited in the camera and no PS/LR were used (except for some spot removal here and there).

Portland is placed in very unique location. One day you can watch sunset on the beach, and another day skiing on the glacier. I have heard about that before but I had to try it myself. You could probably do both in the same day, but it would be a bit of a stretch.

Canon Beach.

Mt. St. Helens in the back barely visible.
Bridal Veil Falls. I have another picture of this water fall from slightly different perspective but it requires a bit more of the post processing. This was very rainy day and amount of water falling down created a quite a lot of mist. I had to get my camera ready with lens cap on, then quickly remove it take shot ans cover again – each time wiping off all of the water from the lens.

DSC_7058 _DSC6885

And few more 🙂



DSC_6921 _DSC6903

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