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szasite.com Just szafrancow website


This website is about my familly and me. I mean family in wider than my household aspect. My familly was always involved in diferent kinds of cultural activity. My dad used to work with movies, animations and photography. He was a film instructor in cultural center in Krakow, and then for many years he was working with people on seting up exchibitions. My mom was involevd into animations. My brother is making a good use of guitarr, he is on last straight to finish up the Krakows School of Jazz and Contemporary music. My wife is big into crafts – you will find here work on this website eventually, my doughter draws beautiful sketches, and makes great use of scissors and glue. I never mentioned Stefan my doughters best friend. He is being with us since Zuzanna was born.

Myself – in ancient times – I was into guitar and music. Now I mostly listen to the music, sometimes “strum” if that is correct word. My hobby more-likely inherited from my dad went towards photography. My first camera was a gift for 1st communion – this must have been 100 years ago. I wish I could remember what make or model it was – I know I have it somewhere in Poland and I will find it sooner or later. I remember I had distance metering device attached to strap. These days photography became much easier and learning curve has became much steeper. You take a shot and have result right away. Before that… eghh i’ll stop here, no point to talk about well known history.

Here on this website I will try to collect as mch as possible from all of us. The content will be in English, as well as in Polish.


Lukasz Szafraniec.

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